Locomotive details:
Works Number: 20018360-3
Manufacturer: General Motors - Electro Motive Division
Classification: JT42CWR "Class 66"
Built: 05-2002
EBA Number (Germany): EBA 00L13C 065 (c)
  It is understood that this loco is/was fitted with Polish safety systems,
for the DLC services from Belgium to Poland.
2002 Porterbrook (Leasing) PB13
28-11-2002 Leased to: HGK (Germany) DE 65
16-11-2004 CBRail (Leasing)
16-11-2004 Leased to: HGK (Germany) DE 65
01-2006 Leased to: DLC Railway (Belgium) PB13
01-08-2008/31-12-2009 Leased to: CrossRail Benelux (Belgium) PB13
31-12-2009 offlease
HGK DE 65 [2004]   DLC Railway PB13 [2006]   CrossRail Benelux PB13 [2009]   CrossRail Benelux PB13 [2009]