Locomotive details:
Works Number: 20038515-3
Manufacturer: General Motors - Electro Motive Division
Classification: JT42CWR "Class 66"
Built: 2003
2003 Porterbrook (Leasing)
2003 Leased to: DRS (Direct Rail Services) (U.K.) 66403
15-10-2008 Off-lease, loco back to Porterbrook
16-10-2008 On transport from Carlisle Kingmoor to Leeds Midland Road (storage)
28/29-05-2009 On transport from Leeds Midland Road to Willesden (storage)
25-01-2010 Leased to: FirstGBRf (U.K.) 66403
25/26-01-2010 On transport from Willesden via Tonbridge to St. Leonards (maintenance)
03-02-2010 In service for: FirstGBRf (U.K.) 66403
DRS 66403 [2005]