Locomotive details:
Works Number: 20058772-008
Manufacturer: Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc.
Classification: JT42CWR-T1 "Class 66"
Built: 12-2006
2006 Finance lease through HBOS/Lloyds TSB
03-2007 Shipped from Halifax (Canada) to Newport Docks (U.K.)
27-03-2007 Unloaded from Jumboship MV Fairlift at Newport Docks (U.K.)
27-03-2007 Owned and operated by: Freightliner (U.K.) 66586
15-10-2008 Being prepared at Leeds Midland Road (U.K.) for use for Freightliner Poland
02-11-2008 On transport by rail from Leeds to Immingham (U.K.)
03-11-2008 Shipped from Immingham (U.K.) to Cuxhaven (Germany)
09-11-2008 On transport by rail from Cuxhaven (Germany) to Kostrzyn (Poland)
11-2008 Located at Unikol Railway Workshop at Kostrzyn (Poland) for modification for Polish system
xx-2009 UIC number 92 51 3 650 007-9 PL-FPL
08-05-2009 Operated by: Freightliner Poland (Poland) 66008
Freightliner 66586 [2007]   Freightliner Poland 66008 [2009]