Locomotive details:
Works Number: 20078920-002
Manufacturer: Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc.
Classification: JT42CWRM "Class 66"
Built: 06-2008
EBA number (Germany): EBA 08J05K 002
Approval: France/Belgium/Germany
29-09-2008 Arrived with ship MV Jumbo Challenger in Rotterdam (NL)
10-2008 Temporary parked at Rotterdam Maasvlakte (NL)
10-12-2008 Transported to NedTrain Tilburg (NL) for final assembling
... (To be) Operated by: CrossRail Benelux (Belgium) DE 6311 F
Current location: NedTrain works, Tilburg (NL)
CrossRail Benelux DE 6311 F [2008]