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Updated: 25-02-2008

The Class 66 locomotive (EMD classification JT42CWR) is a redesigned version of the Class 59 locomotive (EMD classification JT26CWSS). These Class 59 loco's were already running in the U.K. since 1986.

In 1996, U.K.-operator EWS (English, Welsh & Scottish Railways) decided to order a total of 250 new-built locomotives with General Motors.

To keep the developing time short and to lower the costs, EWS and General Motors decided to upgrade the technic of the Class 59 with the newest standards, without a big change in design of the locomotive. The building of the 250 loco's started in 1997.

General Motors built all Class 66 locomotives on their plant in London, Ontario, Canada. Finished loco's are transported per ship from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Foster Yeoman 59001 "Class 59"

FreightLiner 66619 "100th Class 66"
General Motors Electro-Motive Division
After the huge succes of these 250 locomotives, other U.K.-operators decided also to place an order.
Nowadays, 400+ Class 66 loco's are running already in the U.K. for operators EWS/DB Schenker, FreightLiner, FirstGBRf and Direct Rail Services.
In February 2005 another succes took place. Within a new order of 8 loco's for FreightLiner, their was loco number 66619, which was the 100th Class 66 to be delivered to FreightLiner.

The succes of the Class 66 also reached countries outside the UK. German operator HGK (Hafen und Güterverkehr Köln) ordered 2 loco's which were delivered in 1999. Also in Scandinavia are already Class 66's running for TGOJ Trafik (Sweden) and CargoNet (Norway).
Porterbrook Leasing started to lease a total of 20 loco's to European operators like HGK, ShortLines, Rail4Chem, DLC Railway and ERS Railways. This was soon followed by orders from several other operators and leasing companies, which resulted in more than 60 loco's in Europe nowadays. Also Poland got their first 66s in 2007.

Since April 2005, EMD has been totally acquired from GM. General Motors decided to sell the Electro Motive Division to Babcock & Brown, a group of private investors. This new EMD has been renamed to Electro-Motive Diesel Inc. The plant in London, Ontario, Canada is now called EMCC (Electro-Motive Canada Company).

In 2005 a modification has been made, for new locomotives to be build in the future. This led to the new European classification JT42CWRM, where M stands for Modified. Also the classification JT42CWR-T1 is used for the UK.

In 2006 a big order was placed by EWS for 60 loco's for using with their Euro Cargo Rail subsidiary in France. Also a big order was placed for 40 heavily modified loco's, being delivered to Egyptian National Railways from 2009.

- Delivered: 589 loco's
- Written off: 1 loco
- In production: 44 loco's
- On order: 7(+55) loco's

ERS Railways 6602 "Class 66"