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This website gives an overview of all Class 66 locomotives running around the world. Originally introduced in the U.K., nowadays these characteristic locomotives can also be found in most West-European countries like The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. Even in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Poland they are in use and since 2009 also in Egypt!
More countries will follow in the future, for example Czech Republic and Slovakia.

This type of locomotive was originally built in Canada by General Motors "Electro-Motive Division" (GM EMD) as model JT42CWR.
Since April 2005, EMD has been totally acquired from General Motors and will continu under their renewed name "Electro-Motive Diesel" (EMD). The offical site of EMD can be found at
_Built and delivered by EMD:_ 624 _In production:_ 27 _On order:_ (7)
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