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On the 16th of February 2008 a few brandnew and unfinished Class 66s were visible outside the EMD plant in London, Ontario, Canada. The locos which could be seen clear visible on the front line are: three blue FirstGBRf locos with numbers 66728, 66731, 66732 and two EuroCargoRail locos (recognizable with their aircon on the cab roof). The FirstGBRf locos are part of of UK-order 20068902.
The French EuroCargoRail locos are part of order 20068864 for 60 pieces.
Shipping of the GBRf will take place in April (together with some Freightliner 66s). Next French locos are due to ship in May.

All pictures copyright by Gerry Ferns (Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada).