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Here you can find some unique pictures taken inside the EMD factory in London, Ontario (Canada). Besides a lot of US and Canadian locos, there were also some Class 66 locos under construction for FirstGBRf/Metronet (66718-66722 from order 20048652) and DRS (66421-66430 from order 20058700).

All images are taken by Peter Taylor in February 2006.

Sante Fe oldie 8725.

Cabin of a DRS loco from order 20058700.

FirstGBRf order 20048652.

FirstGBRf order 20048652.

FirstGBRf order 20048652.

FirstGBRf loco 66722 from order 20048652 under construction.

FirstGBRf order 20048652.

Construction room (mind the different sizes of the cabins of a class 66 and a SD70 on the left).

FirstGBRf loco 66719 from order 20048652.

FirstGBRf loco 66718 from order 20048652.

A big one for Kansas City Southern Lines outside in the Canadian snow.