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On October 16th 2006 seven brandnew Class 66 loco's for Direct Rail Services were unloaded from Jumboship MV Fairlift. They arrived in Newport Docks (U.K.) from a long trip from Canada. After unloading, the loco's were transported the next days by another DRS loco, 66408. These pictures show 66408 with 66419-66417-66414-66418 on October 18th in Newport Docks.

Thanks to Tom Bartlett for sending these pictures!

66408 with new ones 66419-66417-66414-66418, Photo: Tom Bartlett

DRS 66419, Photo: Tom Bartlett

DRS 66417, Photo: Tom Bartlett

DRS 66414, Photo: Tom Bartlett

DRS 66418, Photo: Tom Bartlett