A quick update with some news flashes, new photos will follow soon...
CapTrain 6601, 6602, 6606 have been spotted with CapTrain logo now.
HHPI 29002 has been painted in green livery.
RTB has 6613 (266 067-6) in use, which is/was (?) leased to NBE Rail.
CapTrain has loco PB05 in service again.
ERS has loco 6614 temporary in service again.
CrossRail Benelux has blacky DE6305 in service again.
Europorte 77502 has moved from Tilburg to somewhere (France?) last Friday.
Fastline 66434 is in service now.
FirstGBRf finally seems to get 66410 as well now.
The crashed 66048 has made it to Inverness by road, from there it will get to Toton by rail.


Leasing company CBRail Leasing s.a.r.l. has done a namechange. During a press presentation today at the HGK workshop at Brühl-Vochem, they announced the new name Ascendos Rail Leasing. To celebrate this, loco
PB02 was presented in new green/yellow livery, after getting a revision there.
__Ascendos Rail Leasing PB02 [2010]_Ascendos Rail Leasing PB02 [2010]_Ascendos Rail Leasing PB02 [2010]_Ascendos Rail Leasing PB02 [2010]
PB01 is currently in revision for Ascendos, at the HGK workshop at Brühl-Vochem. More locos will follow.
__PB01 [2010]
A total of 8 new
Euro Cargo Rail JT42CWRM arrived from Canada with Jumboship Jumbo Vision in the port of Rotterdam (NL) on Sunday February 7th 2010. All locos were unloaded on Monday. On Tuesday the locos were hauled from the port to the yard of Rotterdam Waalhaven Zuid awaiting further transport on Wednesday to NedTrain Tilburg for final assembling. The following 8 locos has arrived this time: 77045, 77047, 77048, 77050-77053 and 77057. This means there are still 8 ECR 66s in Canada.
__Euro Cargo Rail 77051 with others (2010)_Euro Cargo Rail 77047 with others (2010)_Euro Cargo Rail 77047 with others (2010)_Euro Cargo Rail 77053 with others (2010)
Euro Cargo Rail
77030 is still located at Oberhausen (Germany) for driver training.
Leasing company Angel Trains has changed their name to
Alpha Trains for their activities in continental Europe since 01-01.
CapTrain is the new name for SNCF Fret Benelux, ITL Benelux and Veolia Cargo Nederland. CapTrain is owned by SNCF Geodis.
Former Veolia Cargo
561-5 seems to be offlease since December 2009.
Former ERS Railways
6615 was sent to Hattingen (Germany) for installing ETCS.
Former CrossRail
PB13 left Krefeld (Germany), destination unknown. Loco PB05 and PB12 are still there.
__PB05+PB12 (2010)_PB12 + PB05 [2010]
Here are some nice shots of class 66 locos in Europe.
__ERS Railways 6611 [2010]_HHPI 29005 [2010]_HGK DE 61 [2010]_CrossRail Benelux DE6606 [2010]

Here are some pictures of DB Schenker
66048 (crashed at 04-01-2010), it still was at Carrbridge on 13-02-2010...
__DB Schenker 66048 (Stobart livery) [2010]_DB Schenker 66048 (Stobart livery) [2010]
__... and here of the recovery of the loco in the early morning of 14-02-2010.
__DB Schenker 66048 (Stobart livery) [2010]_DB Schenker 66048 (Stobart livery) [2010]_DB Schenker 66048 (Stobart livery) [2010]_DB Schenker 66048 (Stobart livery) [2010]_DB Schenker 66048 (Stobart livery) [2010]
Former DRS locos 66403, 66404, 66405 and 66410 were transported from Willesden/Wembley to Tonbridge on 25-01-2010.
__The next day 66403/404/405 went to depot St. Leonards, but 66410 stays stored at Tonbridge since then.
__Loco 66403 went back in service for FirstGBRf on 03-02.
__Loco 66404 went back in service for FirstGBRf on 04-02.
__Loco 66405 went back in service for FirstGBRf on 08-02.
Freightliner 66509 was on hire to Colas Rail for driver training from 26-01 till 29-01.
Freightliner has moved the stored 66573 and 66574 (debranded!) to Dagenham Dock early February.
Freightliner has reinstated the stored 66580 and 66581 end of January for restricted use.
DRS 66434 will go to Fastline Freight and will get new livery soon. The locos is currently at Barrow Hill.
66844 went from FirstGBRf use to Colas Rail use, the loco is still Advenza blue without any repaint.

PB19 joined CrossRail Benelux again, since they were short of operable locos.
Jumboship Jumbo Vision has entered the port of Halifax (Canada) to pick up the yesterday mentioned ECR class 66s.
Here a picture of freshly painted
Colas Rail 66843.
__Colas Rail 66843 [2010]

Former Railion loco
266 453-0 has arrived at Padborg in Denmark! The machine will be used by CFL Cargo Denmark as a 'second-unit'. Since it does not have Danish ATC system installed, it may not run on its own. Therefor it will be used as the second driving loco in a train. Any further info is welcome.
DE6606 has now been leased to CrossRail Benelux since 22-01-2010.
Another 8
Euro Cargo Rail class 66 are on their way to Europe. On 21-01-2010 they were transported from the EMD plant in London, Ontario (Canada) to the port of Halifax in Nova Scotia (Canada). Shipment to Rotterdam (Netherlands) is planned to arrive end of January. Video here!
66843 has switched from FirstGbrf to Colas Rail now, and has Colas livery already.
It is understood that loco
66844 from FirstGbrf will become offlease soon.

Freightliner Poland has returned locos 6606 and 6607 to the leasing company Beacon Rail.
DE6607 has now been leased to CrossRail Benelux since 11-01-2010.
Ex-ERS Railways
6609 has now been leased to HHPI since 11-01-2010 and now carries the road number 29006.
__HHPI 29006 [2010]
And some photos of
HHPI 29004 and 29005.
__HHPI 29005 [2010]_HHPI 29004 [2010]
This picture shows ex-Veolia
PB05 leaving Holland on 03-01-2010.
__Veolia Cargo Nederland PB05 [2010]
In the UK,
Colas Rail plans to take over 66843 (former Advenza) from FirstGBRf.

It had been confirmed that Veolia Cargo
PB01 and PB05 are both offlease now, check the news-item 08-01-2010.
__Also Veolia Cargo PB017 should be returned soon.
ERS Railways
6615 is offlease, which only leaves 6611, 6612, and 6617 in service for ERS.
Railion/DB Schenker
266 107 is already offlease for a while.
German operator
HGK has still 11 class 66 locos in service.
__HGK DE 670 [2008]

In the UK, it is understood that
Colas Rail is in need for more Class 66 locos for their new traffic.
Here are some photos of
HHPI oldstyle and newstyle.
__HHPI 29001 [2010]_HHPI 29005+29004 [2010]

CrossRail Benelux has indeed returned locos PB12, PB13 and PB19 to the leasing company.
On this picture we see PB05, PB13, PB12, PB01 standing at Krefeld (Germany). EMD has a servicefacility at Krefeld.
__It is unknown why PB01 and PB05 (both Veolia Cargo) were at this location.
__PB05+PB13+PB12+PB01 [2010]
Euro Cargo Rail 77030 left Holland earlier this week, and was transported to Oberhausen (Germany).
__Euro Cargo Rail 77030 [2010]
ACTS Nederland is using loco 653-4 which is the only black Class 66 with white front ends.
__ACTS Nederland 653-4 [2010]
DB Schenker Rail UK 66048 in its new Stobart livery. Too bad the loco has crashed this week.
__DB Schenker 66048 (Stobart livery) [2009]_DB Schenker 66048 (Stobart livery) [2010]_DB Schenker 66048 (Stobart livery) [2010]

As planned,
Euro Cargo Rail 77030 was transported today from Kijfhoek to Germany and further.
CrossRail Benelux locos PB12, PB13 and PB19 lost their old DLC Railway decals on 29-12-2009.
__All 3 locos are becoming offlease soon or maybe already are now.
__CrossRail Benelux PB12 [2009]
Three black machines of ERS Railways on one picture:
6615, 653-3 and 6617. Loco 653-3 is now offlease.
__ERS Railways 6615+6615+653-3 [2009]
As mentioned earlier, many Veolia/R4C class 66s are losing their decals. Also the former
R4C 653-08.
__Veolia Cargo Nederland 653-08 [2009]
Here are some snow photos of
HHPI 29004 and 29005 in lease from Beacon Rail since 27-11-2009.
__HHPI 29005 [2010]_HHPI 29004 [2010]_HHPI 29004 [2010]_HHPI 29005 [2010]
A new list have been added to the menu (under 'Class 66') called the '
Offlease List'. This list contains
__all locos currently not in use by any operator. The list is far from complete, so if you have any corrections
__or additional information please mail.

SNCF Fret Benelux has returned loco 6605 to CBRail on 21-11-2009.
Since 28-12-2009,
Rurtalbahn has got loco 20038561-4 in lease from MRCE, and numbered V262.
__Rurtalbahn V262 [2010]
Euro Cargo Rail 77030 was transported today from NedTrain Tilburg to Kijfhoek, further transport is planned tomorrow.
__Euro Cargo Rail 77030 [2010]
The name 'CapTrain' has been mentioned as the new name for the company which should include
__Veolia Cargo , (former) Rail4Chem Benelux and SNCF Fret Benelux. However there is no official information yet
__that states if this is correct. At least Veolia loco 8653-01 got some kind of new design already!
__ERS Railways 6617 [2010]
ERS Railways has just 4 class 66s in operating service now, the blue/silver 6611, 6612 and the black 6615, 6617.
__The black 6616 is out of service since the horrific accident in September 2009. Here is a picture of loco 6617 today.
__ERS Railways 6617 [2010]
DB Schenker Rail UK 66048 has got a Stobart-livery now for operating the new Stobart-traffic..
__However, yesterday on the first day of the new traffic, 66048 derailed and went into the woods
__at Carrbridge (UK). An impression can be found here and here.
Freightliner UK has stopped and stored the locos 66573-66574 and 66578-66581 after getting new GE Class 70s in service.

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